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Your starting salary

Enfield is on the Outer London Pay Scale.

As a newly-qualified teacher, you will usually start on the first point of the M1 pay scale. Depending on your school's individual pay policy, any previous work experience may be taken into account in determining a higher starting point. 

What will I be paid if I qualify in June and start in July/August?

Your school may be able to offer you paid employment before the start of the new academic year. Since your degree with QTS or PGCE will not yet have been awarded at this stage, normally you will be paid as an unqualified teacher on the unqualified teachers' pay scale, either on an annual salary paid pro rata, or on a daily supply rate for actual days worked. Depending on payroll deadlines, you will be paid in either July or August for any work undertaken in the summer term.

Progressing your salary

Salary increases are linked to performance, which will be assessed through your school's appraisal arrangements.


Extra allowances are determined by individual schools. They may be paid on either a permanent or temporary basis and are awarded at the discretion of the Headteacher, in consultation with the school's governing body.

Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payments

Following your induction year, you may be awarded an additional sum of money for a specific area of responsibility related to teaching and learning.

Recruitment and Retention payment

In some cases (for example, in subjects that experience recruiting difficulties), a school may award an R&R payment.

SEN allowance

This is usually paid to classroom teachers in special schools or special needs co-ordinators in mainstream schools.

Upper Pay Range

Qualified teachers may apply to be paid on the upper pay range at least once a year in line with your school's pay policy.

Pension contribution

Once you are in full-time employment, you will automatically be entered into the teachers' pension scheme. You will be required to make a contribution equivalent to 6% of your salary, with the school required to contribute a further 13.5% for a total of 19.5%.

Sick pay entitlement

As a new teacher with no previous service, in your first year of teaching you will be entitled to 25 days' sick pay at full pay plus an additional 50 days at half-pay (for absences beginning in the second and third terms). Your entitlement is based on 195 actual teaching days. 

Leisure discounts

The health and wellbeing of our staff is important to us. As employees of the London Borough of Enfield, you are eligible for discounts on membership of Enfield Leisure Centres and various organisations to help you make choices about your lifestyle.