Professional Development

We take your professional development very seriously at Enfield, offering a range of courses and learning programmes designed to help you build your skills, knowledge and experience. 

The courses we offer include:

Secondary School Continuing Professional Development Group (LIG)

These courses are offered in conjunction with the London Leadership Centre (NCSL).

Aspiring Senior Leaders

This course is designed for mid-level professionals who aspire to senior leadership and are considering future National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) training. It consists of two residential training sessions as well as face-to-face sessions and an action research project. You will be mentored on the project, which will be based in your own school, by a Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher from either your own or another Enfield school.


This is a three-day course for Deputy Headteachers and Headteachers designed to develop their own leadership skills and enable them to act as mentors to colleagues on the Aspiring Leadership Course.

Middle Leadership Course

Enfield also offer a Middle Leadership Course. Details can be obtained from the Professional Development Centre.

You can find further information about courses offered at our Professional Development Centres, or about the other ways in which we promote your continuing professional development, by telephoning 020 8351 5201.