Teachers’ contracts - what you can expect

Your Contract of Employment

After a successful interview with the school's Headteacher or governing body, the personnel team will issue a contract. You will receive an Offer of Employment from the school that will provide you with a salary statement and outline the pre-employment checks required. This offer will be followed by a 'Statement of Particulars' which details the terms and conditions of your employment.

Pre-employment checks

Once you've received an offer, but before you can start with us, the following checks need to be completed:

  • Two satisfactory references (we may check your references before an offer of employment has been made)
  • CRB (Criminal Conviction)
  • Medical clearance (you will need to send a completed medical questionnaire form directly to our Occupational Health service providers. This information remains strictly confidential. In some cases a medical examination may be required before your clearance can be confirmed)
  • Proof of qualification/QTS (the school's Headteacher or senior administrative officer/bursar will need to see the originals of documents relating to your qualifications, so you should bring these documents to your interview)
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Sponsorship (if relevant)
  • Proof of compliance with the requirements of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

If you can't successfully provide the required references and information to the satisfaction of the LEA, you may not be allowed to take up your position.

Notice period

The notice period is a minimum of two months' notice, except in the summer term, when three months' notice will be required. Resignation dates are 31 October (to leave at Christmas), 28 February (to leave at Easter) and 31 May (to leave at the end of the summer term).