ECT Induction

A supportive environment isn’t the only breath of fresh air

Space to develop

Sitting just north of central London, Enfield is the ideal place to launch your teaching career. The capital and its attractions are within easy reach, yet you can enjoy green, open space without the expense, overcrowding and stresses that come with living closer in. At the same time, you’ll find a large and diverse schools system – with all the support you need to develop your career, your way.

Space to breathe

Thanks to our impressive transport links, Enfield is only 30 minutes from the heart of London. Yet it feels like an entirely different world. The borough is a green, pleasant and affordable place to live and work. If, like us, you think a successful life in teaching depends on having a life outside of it, this is the place for you.

Space to grow

As an ECT in Enfield, you’ll enjoy a carefully designed induction, offering comprehensive personal and professional support throughout your first year of teaching. You’ll also be part of a community of like-minded teachers who come from a huge range of backgrounds.

Space to thrive

Our approach is nurturing and supportive, but you’ll never be short of opportunities to test yourself. There’s a thriving professional development programme and whether you are teaching in a primary or secondary school we’ll provide the specialist advice and resources to help you flourish.

Space to make the right start

It’s important to find a school that fits you well at this crucial stage in your career. The size and diversity of Enfield’s school system means there are plenty of options to explore.

But the right start isn’t just about finding the right school. Together, the local authority and the borough’s schools have worked hard to create a nurturing, supportive environment in which your career can flourish. Here’s what you can look forward to in Enfield.

You’ll enjoy a carefully designed induction, offering comprehensive personal and professional support throughout your first year of teaching. The programme provides:

  • Personal and professional support
  • Help with developing school-wide and cross-borough networks
  • An introduction to the support mechanisms and resources within your school and the borough
  • Opportunities to enhance your curriculum knowledge, including the National Curriculum

School-based induction

This will be organised by your Induction Tutor and is based on your professional development requirements following your teacher training. You will set your objectives together and work on specific agreed areas throughout the year. Please remember that you can only start your induction period once you have gained QTS.

We work closely with your school induction tutor to ensure that you are gaining appropriate training and support.


Enfield is on the Outer London Pay Scale.

As an Early Career Teacher, you will usually start on the first point of the M1 pay scale. Depending on your school’s individual pay policy, any previous work experience may be taken into account in determining a higher starting point.