Teaching in Enfield


In Enfield, we know how important it is to nurture talent. We pride ourselves on being an equality of opportunity employer, and we encourage the development of our staff. That enables them in turn to deliver better educational opportunities to the children in our schools.

We want you to feel that you’re contributing to the local community and making a difference in the lives of local children. We also want you to work in a dynamic, fair and flexible environment. And that’s true whether you’re a school leaver, a graduate, a trainee teacher, a career changer, a mum returning to work or an older person, part-time, full-time or a job sharer. Whoever you are and whatever your background, working with Enfield schools will give you the opportunity not only to develop your career but also to improve others’ lives.

Enfield has a wide variety of schools, ranging from small one-form Primaries based in green and rural settings to large Secondary schools, based in built-up urban areas. So whatever kind of teaching challenge you are seeking, Enfield is sure to meet you more than halfway.

That’s why we want you to see Enfield as a career destination – somewhere to cultivate your skills and to develop your true potential. It is why we put so much time and effort into offering a comprehensive range of career development opportunities for school-based staff.

Wherever you are in your career – looking for full-time or part-time work – you’ll find an opportunity in Enfield. See our current vacancies now.