Support Staff

Enfield isn’t only a great place for teachers. We work hard to create an environment in which support staff can learn, develop and grow as well.

Opportunities include access to our award winning training and development programmes for support staff. We currently offer relevant e-vocational qualifications in ‘supporting teaching and learning’, ‘supporting learning in early years’, ‘school administration’ and ‘leading support staff’. We are also currently developing our professional pathway for School Business Managers as a new and exciting career route for talented support staff in Enfield schools.

Many of our support staff are able to gain professional qualifications such as HLTA and EYPS. Some take up opportunities to self-fund a relevant degree and then progress to QTS. Others, who graduate whilst employed as support staff in a school, may progress within the Children and Young People’s Workforce, in social work, or as behaviour specialists, for example.

Professional Development

We want you to see Enfield as a career destination – somewhere to cultivate your skills and to develop your true potential.

So join us, and you’ll enjoy exceptional training, all-round support and good pay, as well as working conditions in line with nationally-agreed guidelines. These are just some of the many reasons that Enfield is such a great place to live and work.